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Thirteenth Age combines the simplest components of conventional d20-rolling delusion gaming with new story-focused ideas, designed so that you can run the type of online game you such a lot are looking to play together with your workforce. Created through Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, thirteenth Age provides all of the instruments you want to make designated characters who're instantly embedded within the atmosphere in vital methods; fast organize adventures in accordance with the desktops’ backgrounds and objectives; create your individual monsters; struggle fascinating battles; and concentrate on what’s regularly been cool and enjoyable approximately fable experience gaming:
• Icon relationships and One distinct issues supply intriguing storytelling possibilities
• Backgrounds offer an easy, versatile ability procedure drawn from characters’ own histories
• Escalation cube let enjoyable, fast-moving d20 combat.
• Owlbears will rip PC’s limbs off to feed their young.

About thirteenth Age
In the thirteenth Age of the realm, adventurers search their fortunes within the Dragon Empire whereas robust participants often called Icons pursue pursuits which could shield the empire from chaos, or ship it over the edge.
Players make a decision which Icons their characters best friend with, and which of them they oppose. those relationships, in addition to a private historical past and a different trait selected in the course of personality construction, support outline an adventurer’s position on this planet of thirteenth Age and lay the foundation for epic tales that emerge via play.
There also are enjoyable new principles for hitting orcs and making them cross splat.

“Our target with thirteenth Age is to recapture the free-wheeling type of old-school gaming by way of making a online game with extra soul and less technical info. …13th Age makes the play group’s crusade the guts of realization, with a toolkit of principles so you might choose and select from according to the type of online game you must play. The mechanics draw from vintage video games in addition to more recent, story-based games.” – Jonathan Tweet, co-designer

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Since this is a d20 game, many players will want to use the 3 by 3 alignment system from d20. Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, NG, N, NE, CG, CN, CE—it’s part of our culture. We like the 9-alignment system and it is language that many gamers feel comfortable with. But if you don’t want to play with a tight alignment system, 13th Age won’t force you to. If you choose to use the 9-alignment system seriously, you should probably decide on the alignment of the icons in your campaign. You can use the Heroic/ Ambiguous/Villainous ratings in the icons section as your initial guide, or use the Icon Alignment chart we put on page 27.

Some day maybe you’ll be epic. There are uniques that would be right for an epictier character that aren’t right for an adventurer-tier character. I am a dragon rider: When Rob had a player want to be a dragon rider, he said that seemed like a great thing for the character to grow into. At 1st level, Rob said that the character would be better off having a special rapport with dragons. In this case, the character had established that part of their background was having had a noble title stripped from them.

And that’s a terrible ability to allow into the game; along with mind control and seeing the future, being able to tell whether NPCs are lying can ruin dozens of excellent stories. So I reinterpreted the unique to be fun for both of us: this character has a unique relationship with shadows. He does see things that no one else sees in them. But he doesn’t see anything until I tell him what the shadows look like. He has to interpret the fact that his ally’s shadow just turned into the shadow of an axe (well, that wasn’t hard, given that his friend had just picked up a roaring epic weapon), or that the shadow of a wizard’s spellbook now looks like the shadow of a book on fire (much more cryptic).

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