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6th century B.C. was once striking for the spiritual
unrest and highbrow ferment in lots of nations. In China
we had Lao Tzu and Confucius, in Greece Parmenides and
Empedocles, in Iran Zarathustra, in India Mahavira and the
Buddha. In that interval many impressive academics worked
upon their inheritance and constructed new issues of
The Purnima or full-moon day of the month of Vaisakha
is hooked up with 3 very important occasions within the lifetime of the
Buddha—birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. it's the
most sacred day within the Buddhist calendar. in accordance with the
Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha’s parinirvana happened in
544 B.C.1 although the various colleges of Buddhism have
their autonomous structures of chronology, they've got agreed
to ponder the full-moon day of may well 1956 to be the 2,500th
anniversary of the mahaparinirvana of Gautama the Buddha.
This ebook provides a brief account of the tale of Buddhism in
the final 2,500 years

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The main difference in the practical or external aspects of Parsva’s and MahavTra’s code of conduct thus seems to have been that while ParSva and his followers were acelakas or naked. Maha­ vira and his followers wore white garments, but refused to have any other paraphernalia. In other words, the Jaina faith as preached by Mahavira is the same as Parsva's, but somewhat more modern. It was natural therefore that these two schools should have become one as they actually did some 250 years after the death of Parsva, when the disciples of ParSva and those of Mahavira met at Sravasti and brought about the Union1.

This unhealthy development, too, must have contributed considerably to the decline of Bud­ dhism. D. when the invasion of Bakhtyar Khilji swept everything, Hindu and Buddhist, before it. The beginning of the 13th century brought evil days both for Buddhism and Hinduism. For the former, however, the blow proved to be more severe. The monasteries of Bihar were despoiled and many of the monks fled to Nepal and Tibet. The lay Buddhists were left without any religious guidance, which made it easier for them to be absorbed in the non-Buddhist community as there was little distinction left between the lives led by the Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

Great must have been the distress of the old Master to receive the news of this massacre, in spite of his sermons on Peace. Still he kept moving from place to place, delivering his ser­ mons on morality, peace, universal love and purity. Amrapali, the famous courtesan, presented her mango-grove to the Sangha, the last great gift during the Master’s lifetime. When the Buddha approached his eightieth year, he felt that his end was at hand. He explained to Ananda many matters concerning the Law (Dharma) and Discipline and told his pupils that he had unfolded to them all that a good and benevolent teacher ought and that henceforth his word should be their teacher.

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