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By Gary Kern

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This is the 1st publication to get better all unique records published through the British files in 2002 and through the FBI, finishing the author's ten-year study.

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His purpose is not so much practical as religious. He goes to his death not for the infidel, but for the faithful. ”5 The Soviet spy appears benign by comparison. He typically entered a target country not to blow anything up, but to gather intelligence. Yet his purpose was not kindly. “The activity of the intelligence service is aggressive and offensive,” wrote an early instructor, Alexander Orlov. ” Often the goal was short-term and limited: to affect that nation’s policy on one or another issue, or to find ways to counter its operations in one or another arena.

The Stalin Terror 10. How Heroes Were Broken 11. One Gigantic Madhouse 12. The NKVD Loyalty Test 13. A World Gone Forever 14. The Last Straw PART II No Man’s Land: Spies, Betrayal and Assassination (October 1937–November 1938) 15. Kruzia 16. TULIP, SONNY BOY and RESENTMENT 17. The Doomed World 18. A Checklist of Assassinations PART III The New World: Friends, Bureaucrats and Fellow Travelers (November 1938–November 1940) 19. Man Without a Country 20. Comrades on Times Square 21. The Odd Couple 22.

There was also a girl among them, Kruzia, a pure spirit and revolutionary, who gave them inspiration for life. During the war years, she held political séances in her apartment, where radical youth, social malcontents and military deserters theorized about the future. Oddly, she got married early and dropped out of politics, while the young men carried on. The Umansky brothers—Misha (Mikhail), the handsome and well-mannered one, and Brun (Bertold), the unhandsome and short-tempered one—had a Russian father and an Austrian mother; they joined the Russian Secret Police, then called the Cheka, and Brun took the surname Ilk.

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A Death in Washington: Walter G. Krivitsky and the Stalin Terror by Gary Kern

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