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By Joyce Carol Oates

ISBN-10: 0062015532

ISBN-13: 9780062015532

In a piece not like something she's written ahead of, nationwide e-book Award winner Joyce Carol Oates unveils a poignant, intimate memoir in regards to the unforeseen demise of her husband of forty-six years and its wrenching, spectacular aftermath.

"My husband died, my lifestyles collapsed."

On a February morning in 2008, Joyce Carol Oates drove her ill husband, Raymond Smith, to the emergency room of the Princeton scientific heart the place he was once clinically determined with pneumonia. either Joyce and Ray anticipated him to be published in an afternoon or . yet in under every week, while Joyce was once getting ready for his discharge, Ray died from a virulent hospital-acquired an infection, and Joyce was once all of sudden faced—totally unprepared—with the beautiful truth of widowhood.

A Widow's Story illuminates one woman's fight to realize a existence with no the partnership that had sustained and outlined her for almost part a century. As by no means sooner than, Joyce Carol Oates stocks the derangement of denial, the discomfort of loss, the disorientation of the survivor amid a nightmare of "death-duties," and the solace of friendship. She writes unflinchingly of the event of grief—the virtually insufferable suspense of the clinic vigil, the treacherous "pools" of reminiscence that encompass us, the vocabulary of sickness, the absurdities of commercialized varieties of mourning. here's a frank acknowledgment of the widow's desperation—only steadily yielding to the popularity that "this is my existence now."

Enlivened through the piercing imaginative and prescient, acute conception, and mordant humor which are the hallmarks of the paintings of Joyce Carol Oates, this relocating story of lifestyles and loss of life, love and grief, bargains a candid, never-before-glimpsed view of the acclaimed writer and fiercely deepest lady.

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