Download e-book for kindle: Adding and Subtracting in Math Club (Math in Our World) by Amy Rauen

By Amy Rauen

ISBN-10: 0836884701

ISBN-13: 9780836884708

ISBN-10: 0836884795

ISBN-13: 9780836884791

Key positive factors:
- themes correlated to the 1st grade math curriculum
- Leveled textual content reviewed by way of a math curriculum advisor and a analyzing consultant
- attractive full-color photos and illustrations that help the textual content and relief comprehension
- Examples that relate math to real-world situations
Special good points:
- pictures and illustrations that help the textual content and construct math skills
- thesaurus

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Penny counts 22, 17, 39, and 28 flowers in each of four bunches of flowers. She decides to buy the bunch with a number that is closest to the mean. Write a math expression for the mean number of flowers. Which bunch should she buy? Answer: ______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ If you need to review, return to lesson 5 (page 23). Write Your Own Problem ✍ Choose a problem you liked from this unit. Write a similar problem using a situation and related facts from your own life.

4. GoDigital sells a software program to edit digital photos for $15 per month. The company also offers a one-month free trial to start. Alex calculates the mean cost per month over a one-year period, including the free trial. Circle the calculation that is correct. (15 × 12) 13 (15 × 11) 12 (15 × 12) 11 (15 × 13) 21 ✰ Challenge Problem You may want to talk this one over with a partner. The first full-automated software-driven computer, called “Baby,” first ran in 1948. It measured 16 feet long, 7 feet high, and 2 feet deep.

Clare makes a sack lunch for each of her two younger brothers and herself. 85. 50 a day. There are 180 school days in a year. How much money do Clare and her brothers save in one full school year by taking their lunches? Answer: ____________ 4. Gary and the children buy Gena a bread machine for her birthday. It costs $140. They estimate that 250 loaves will pay back the cost of the machine. 82 on a loaf of bread. Complete the equation with math symbols, and find the cost of the bread-machine per loaf.

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