Robert E. Svoboda, Robert Beer's Aghora: at the left hand of God PDF

By Robert E. Svoboda, Robert Beer

ISBN-10: 0914732218

ISBN-13: 9780914732211

The Aghora trilogy were embraced world-wide for his or her frankness in broaching matters often kept away from and their facility for making the 'unseen' genuine. We input the area of Vimalananda who teaches via tale and residing instance.

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By way of contrast, as a result of the spiritual degeneration occurring in the descending course of the cycle, the man of later ages became yin in relation to the Cosmos. He must therefore tum to the South, which is yang, to receive from it the influences of the principle complementary to the one which has become predominant inside him, and to restore as much as possible the equilibrium betweenyin and yang. The first of these two orientations can be called 'polar', in contrast to the second which is 'solar'.

1 4 . Hence the reason why, as we shall see later, the vertical axis is also the 'Way of Heaven' (T'ien Tao). 28 I THE G RE A T T R I A D things, presents a 'ventral'-that i s to say inward-face to the Cosmos while the Earth that supports all things presents a 'dorsal' or outward15 face. This can be easily grasped by simply looking at the diagram below, in which Heaven and Earth are respectively represented by a concentric circle and a square (figure 8). It will be observed that this diagram reproduces the shape of Chinese coins, which also happens originally to have been the shape of certain ritual tablets.

4 I Yin and Yang THE Far-Eastern tradition in its strictly cosmological branch attributes a fundamental importance to the two principles, or 'categories', which it calls yang and yin . Everything active, positive or masculine is yang; everything passive, negative or feminine is yin. In a symbolic sense these two categories are associated with light and shade : the bright side of anything is yang, the dark side yin. But as neither can ever be found without the other, they are fa � more commonly presented as complementary rather than opposed.

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