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By Alexander of Aphrodisias, William E. Dooley

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The neutrons are initially in the state |− . When they approach the origin, they cross a zone where an oscillating field B 1 (t) is applied in the (x, y) plane. 1) where r = x2 + y 2 . We assume that B1 is constant (strictly speaking it B0 . should vary in order to satisfy ∇ · B = 0) and that B1 In all parts of the chapter, the neutron motion in space is treated classically as a linear uniform motion. We are only interested in the quantum evolution of the spin state. 1. Consider a neutron whose motion in space is x = vt, y = 0, z = 0.

5. Show that the states of energies E1 and E2 are eigenstates of the 2 ˆe + S ˆ n . Give the corresponding value s of ˆ2 = S square of the total spin S the spin. H=1 m Electromagnetic cavity Cold atoms Fig. 1. 2 The Atomic Fountain The atoms are initially prepared in the energy state E1 , and are sent upwards (Fig. 1). When they go up and down they cross a cavity where an electromagnetic wave of frequency ω is injected. This frequency is close to h. At the end of the descent, one detects the number of ω0 = (E1 − E2 )/¯ atoms which have flipped from the E1 level to the E2 level.

This experiment uses a detector containing 50 000 tons of water, inside which 11 500 photomutipliers detect the Cherenkov light of the electrons or muons produced. About 60 ντ ’s were also detected, but this figure is too small to give further information. An accelerator experiment confirmed the results afterwards (K2K collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 041801 (2003)). The KamLAND experiment is a collaboration between Japanese, American and Chinese physicists. The detector is a 1000 m3 volume filled with liquid scintillator (an organic liquid with global formula C-H).

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Alexander of Aphrodisias on Aristotles Metaphysics 1. Translated by W. E. Dooley by Alexander of Aphrodisias, William E. Dooley

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