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As new medical discoveries ended in enhanced know-how, the United States swiftly grew to become a contemporary, industrialized state. discover why 1/2 all business employees in this time have been kids ten years previous and more youthful who did not attend university. How did this transformation? via maps, charts, and timelines scholars will become aware of how significantly existence has replaced because the early 1800s. This identify will let scholars to quote textual proof to aid research of what the textual content says explicitly in addition to inferences drawn from the textual content.

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Henry Ford sold more than 10,000 during the first year of production. He continued working to make his automobile even more affordable. By 1925, the Model T cost as little as $260. ” 38 These Model T Fords were put together on an assembly line. Henry Ford revolutionized factories with his assembly line system. Henry Ford (1863-1947) Henry Ford’s new production methods changed transportation forever. Ford’s Model T automobile began production on October 1, 1908. Although this was not the first automobile invented, it was the first one that was affordable for most people.

Who helped to build the railroad? 4. Why did workers go on strike? 5. How was farming impacted by the Industrial Revolution? Extension Activity After reading this book and learning about the Industrial Revolution, imagine yourself as a reporter in that time period. Write a newspaper column about one of the major inventions or events. As new scientific discoveries led to improved technology, America rapidly became a modern, industrialized nation. Find out why half of all industrial workers during this time were children ten years old and younger who didn’t attend school.

During the nineteenth century, new inventions also improved long-distance communication. In the 1830s and 1840s, Samuel Morse perfected the telegraph. Using an electric current, the telegraph sent messages over long distances by a series of tapped codes. C. Once telegraph lines connected the coasts in the 1860s, news could travel even faster. Telegraph lines connected the coasts by the 1860s, allowing messages to be quickly sent across the country. Samuel Morse received a patent for his invention of the telegraph in 1847.

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