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and Acknowledgments it appears virtually some other month serious business dangers invade our dwelling rooms, be it when it comes to an ex publish document or when it comes to an alarming situation, be it in a distant nook of the area or simply in entrance of our doorstep. even supposing the invasion of our dwelling rooms is generally purely through revealed or digital media (as against for my part skilled tragedies), humans within the western hemissphere appear to be involved, and so are politics and technology. provided that welfare-economics has performed (or is set to play) a worthy position by way of examining and rationalizing "political" matters (such because the setting, schooling, or the legislation) that were deemed too tender, too mental, too value-laden, or too political, a e-book concerning the economics of catastrophic business risks and their prevention will rarely come as a shock. even if, what are the correct obj ecti ves of this e-book? For a commence, the writer intends to argue the welfare-economic relevance of serious commercial risks, either from a theoretical in addition to from a truly down-to-earth perspecti ve. Secondly, it will be proven that and the way the matter may be theoretically handled, with no relatively departing from general micro-economics, particularly the "Pareto precept" and, in terms of very small "collective" actual dangers, the good demonstrated "von Neumann-Morgenstern" framework.

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It ought to be pointed out that premium-formula implies constant absolute risk aversion R exponential for the insurer, insurer's von which is captured Neumann/Morgenstern by an utility function: (7) V(A) For R = 0 the premiums are 'fair' and do not contain a loading, whereas for R > loading and are what they unfair 43 . 0 premiums carry a profit normally are: actuarially Lastly it is assumed that life insurance companies do not act as buyers of insurance-cover on the direct insurance market. That is, they only seek negative k's on the commercial re-insurance market.

Tversky (1979) took this 'drug-like' option price structure as another example of the certainty effect and mustered it, just like H. C. J. K. H. Desvousges (1987) after them, as further empirical ammunition against the von Neumann/Morgenstern independence- and compound-axiom. Things start getting tough now, since regarding the Zeckauser-paradox as a special case of the 'certainty 31 H. Raiffa (1969) speaks of a bachelor (post). 46 effect' a la Kahneman and Tversky or Drukarczyk seriously questions the applicability of the expected utility framework to the economics of life and limb and lends additional support to calls for an abandonment of the von Neumann/Morgenstern concept and a non-expected utility reformulation of decision-making models under uncertainty in environmental risk economics.

This asserts that the only premium formula satisfying the two assumptions propos,ed above is the exponential principle: 42 (6) " least as far as the private lines of business are concerned. 40 See for instance R. Eisen et ale [1990, pp. 74-76]. -R. Heilmann [1987]. W. C. Weinstein et a1. [1980] and P. H. e. actuarially fair premiums plus proportional loading). Proportional loadings, however, infringe very reasonable requirements like the impossibility of the premium exceeding the maximum possible loss or carrying loadings for deterministic claims.

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