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By Laurence Lerner

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What's the distinction among private and non-private feeling, and the way a ways do we deduce earlier emotions from the phrases which have been left us? Why do baby deaths determine so frequently and so prominently within the literature of the 19th century, and the way used to be the subject of the dying of a kid used to elicit such poignant responses within the readers of that period? during this interesting new e-book, Laurence Lerner vividly contrasts the contempt with which 20th- century feedback so usually dismisses such works as mere sentimentality with the passion and tears of nineteenth-century contemporaries.Drawing examples from either actual and literary deaths, Lerner delves into the writings of recognized authors equivalent to Dickens, Coleridge, Shelley, Flaubert, Mann, Huxley, and Hesse, in addition to lesser recognized writers like Felicia Hemans and Lydia Sigourney. within the method, he synthesizes clean principles in regards to the thorny topics of sentimentality, aesthetic judgment, and the functionality of faith in literature.Lerner's forthright and evocative prose type is agreeable analyzing, and he excels in teasing out the ethical implications and the psychosocial entanglements of his selected narrative and lyrical texts. it is a publication that would light up a huge element of the heritage of non-public lifestyles. it may have vast software for these drawn to the background, sociology, and literature of the 19th century.

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5. Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870Characters- -Children. 6. ChildrenDeathPsychological aspects. 7. Sentimentalism in literature. 8. Children in literature. I. Title. 9'3548'09034dc2197-4572 CIP Manufactured in the United States of America Page v to Wayne Booth Page vii Contents List of Illustrations ix Preface xi 1 Real Deaths 1 2 Strategies of Consolation: The Dead Child in Poetry 40 3 The Life and Death of Paul Dombey, and Other Child Deaths in Dickens 82 4 Heaven Claims Its Own: Child Deaths in Nineteenth Century Fictionand After 126 5 Sentimentality: For and Against 174 Conclusion 213 Notes 223 Bibliography 239 Index 249 Page ix List of Illustrations (following page 113) 1.

This puts them in a position similar to that of the writer, who knows what Leopold's behaviour was and concludes that it partly hid, partly revealed his inner turmoil. Here we encounter a question that will constantly recur in this book: what can we know about the feelings of real people by observingor reading abouttheir behaviour? To study past deaths and how they were responded to is to explore the relation between the texts we have and the experience of past generations to which they provide the only access.

The Times editorial insists that there is no half-way house between "full and complete Christianity" and ''absolute Atheism," and that unless one grants that there is a moral purpose in such a death one will be reduced to a complete denial of God and Providence. This is an issue that untimely deaths continued to raise throughout the century. Most of what we have so far looked at could be described as the Establishment response to the death of the Princess. ). Many of these reptiles now make livelier and more intelligent reading than the orthodox.

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