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Schiffman, 7h~ Hnlnkhnhnt Qumnm (SJ LA 16; Leiden: Brill. 1975), pp. \'1 32. tarian community and its leaders who have. s6 The distinction drawn between the simple text of Scripture and its hidde n true. g ing of the sectarians to the exclusio n of all others is fu rther articulated elsewhere regarding no nlegal scriptural content. st statement regarding the com .. " Peshcr exegesis assumes that the ancient words of the biblical prophets refer not to their own times, but rather conr•in hidden allusions to the o rigins, development, and particularly the eschatological history of the Qumran community.

Bdlinger. "Rdigion and Violence: A Bibliographr," 1/Jt' H~dgchog R~uil'w 6 (2004), pp. 11 1- 19. IJ) 18 AL EX P. " We need only look to some o f the world 's n:ccnl conflicts to sc<: the impon ant role c-hat scarcity of resources plays in the e mergence o f \'iolcncc. 19 Hecto r Avalos has recently a ttempted a compre hensive study o f the o rigins o f religious viole nce by e mp loying t he scarce n:sourccs t heory. :ro In th e case of rd igion, Avalos o bserves, t he. -o .. " Yet, a n in divid ual may die o r kill over such a p resumed scarcity.

Isirs 42 ( 1990), pp. 1m, Smrcisy tmd Survival in c~mmf Am~rirn: 7Jx Ecologiml Origins of th~ So

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